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Carta dei suoli d'Italia - Soil Map of Italy

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Topic category: applies to Directive 2007/2/EC spatial data themes: Annex III(3) Soil. If no preview is available, please, contact Authors, Investigators or Responsible organisation to obtain the Map. Metadata in accordance with EN ISO 19115.


Resource title Carta dei suoli d'Italia - Soil Map of Italy
Authors Costantini E.A.C., L'Abate G., Barbetti R., Fantappiè M., Lorenzetti R., Magini S.
Principal Investigators Magazzini, Guermandi, Tarocco, Barbieri, Dowgiallo, Brancucci, Pesenti Barili, Pini, Brenna, Bernacconi, Ciabocco, Tiberi, Cocchiarella, Freppaz, Petrella, Piazzi, Bellino, Madrau, Puddu, Antinoro, Dazzi, Guaitoli, Matranga, Perciabosco, Gardin, Vinci, Maistrelli, Sartori, Thalheimer, Calandra, Leccese, Bini, Giandon
Date of publication 2012
Resource language ITA-ENG
Resource type Image
Spatial resolution 1:1000000
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Location Italia, Italia
Responsible organisation
Soil Classification
Lineage Soil map Units: 49. Environ: The soil map has been derived from the national soil database, maintained by the Italian National Centre for Soil Mapping (CNCP) with the aim of ensuring the national soil collection and correlation, and their evaluation for applications at national level. Note:
Resource abstract The produced information layers are available for download in various formats (Shapefile or zipped PDF) on the download page of the CNCP site:
Conditions for access and use Costantini E.A.C., L'Abate G., Barbetti R., Fantappié M., Lorenzetti R., Magini S. 2012. Carta dei suoli d’Italia, scala 1:1.000.000 (Soil map of Italy, scale 1:1.000.000) - - S.EL.CA. Firenze, Italia ISBN: 978-88-97002-02-4