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Carta dei suoli d'Italia - Soil Map of Italy

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Topic category: applies to Directive 2007/2/EC spatial data themes: Annex III(3) Soil. If no preview is available, please, contact Authors, Investigators or Responsible organisation to obtain the Map. Metadata in accordance with EN ISO 19115.


Resource title Geomorfologia, suoli e valutazione del territorio tra la Piana di Lucca e il Padule di Fucecchio - tav. 2. Carta geomorfologica
Authors Magaldi D., Bidini D., Calzolari C., Rodolfi G.
Principal Investigators
Date of publication 1983
Resource language ITA
Resource type Image
Spatial resolution 1:25000
Preview ""
Resource locator
Location Piana di Lucca, Fucecchio(LU), Toscana
Responsible organisation
Soil Classification
Lineage . Note: Annali ISSDS vol. XIV
Resource abstract Supporto informatico.
Conditions for access and use